What can you do?

Below are some ideas of ‘bite sized’ actions to raise awareness. We’re not asking for a large amount of your time or effort – encouraging a lot of people to do little things is key, as we are reliant on word of mouth.

Any help you can provide is very much appreciated – every little helps!

  • Sign our petition to ask for a meaningful consultation with community members before any decision to form a multi-academy trust is made.
  • Spread the word via any electronic groups e.g. WhatsApp or Facebook Groups or physical groups you are in, e.g. sports clubs, mosques, churches, children’s parties.
  • Write to your school, as well as your MP and local councillors to voice your concerns. The text of our leaflet can be used and/or adapted as required.
  • Display a poster in your front window and/or a car poster in the rear window of your car (as long as it doesn’t obstruct your vision, of course!)
  • Learn more via our website or Facebook group