Suggested response to the draft proposal

We know that people are wondering how to respond to the schools’ proposal, particularly given the nature of the questionnaire they sent out. After taking legal advice, we recommend refusing to answer the given questions as we object to the premise on which the questionnaire is based.

We have drafted a letter to send to the schools (attached), and are inviting parents and community members to add their names to this. In addition, to maximise impact, we are encouraging individuals to send hard copy letters to as many of the seven STEP schools as you can. This is a community issue, so you don’t have to have children at the schools. The deadline for responses varies by school, but it would be best to hand these in or post them so they arrive by this Friday (7th), the day the schools break up for the Easter holidays.

If you would like to add your name to the group letter and you are coming to the meeting tonight, there will be a sheet for you to add your name. If you’re unable to come, please add your name here, with your role (parent/prospective parent/staff/community etc) and your child(ren)’s school, or email

We will also have paper copies for you to take away at the meeting tonight.

Response to draft proposal for STEP MAT (Word)

Response to draft proposal for STEP MAT (PDF)

It’s vital that we do respond to the schools, as we know that they will interpret any lack of response as a sign of support for their plans. Regardless of your views on academisation, we hope you agree that asking formeaningful consultation before the schools apply to form a multi-academy trust is a reasonable request!


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